Our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program is about providing communities with a safe and clean access to water and proper hygiene and sanitation services.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are the second main focus of MOUCECORE’s programs since 2007. Access to safe and clean water, promote proper hygiene and sanitation behavior and latrine access some of the areas that the WASH-projects focus on. These projects aim to provide safe and clean access to water for as many households as possible, promote hygiene and sanitation at a local community level, and train teachers and students in hygiene and sanitation.

The objectives of the current WASH project (in partnership with Blood:Water Mission) are:

  • Increase and sustain access to safe water through the construction of two water pipelines with four water points that serve 400 new households.
  • Promote improved hygiene and sanitation at four schools by promotion of handwashing station, safe bathrooms for girls and hygiene training.

MOUCECORE implements its WASH projects in collaboration with the community members, the local churches, the local governments and the local health and education institutions. In schools, teachers are being trained on proper hygiene and sanitation standards, handwashing stations are being constructed as well as separate bathrooms for girls, so that they can attend school whilst on their period and still have access to safe and clean hygiene and sanitation services.