MOUCECORE’S agriculture programs aims to help farmers increase their production and income resources by teaching them the proper methods and farming techniques and promoting the use of jersey cows.

In this branch of action, MOUCECORE focuses its projects specifically on banana plantation. Bananas are the only crop that farmers can produce the whole year round without using chemical fertilizers. By focusing on banana production, the farmers will be able to produce all year round, on the base of organic farming.The objectives of the projects will be to improve the quantity and quality of banana production. With the proper agricultural methods and teachings, the production can be multiplied by 10, farmers can go from 10 kilograms of bananas produced to 100 kilograms.

By organizing farmers in cooperatives of producers, MOUCECORE is planning to help the farmers increase their production of bananas by training them in planting, land consolidation, production transformation, disease control and marketing.

MOUCECORE also has several livestock projects, but its core objective is to promote jersey cows among farmers. This particular breed of cows is very suitable for Rwandan agriculture, because they tolerate the heat, produce more milk than other breeds and they consume less food than other breeds. By promoting jersey cows, Rwandan farmers can increase their production by 10 and expand their businesses.

Another project in the livestock area is for MOUCOCORE to build a demonstration farm, in order to build a sort of training center for farmers, where they can attend trainings improve their agricultural techniques and methods.