MOUCECORE is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization operating in Rwanda with a mission of mobilizing, organizing and equipping local churches and communities for holistic and sustainable development thereby bringing about spiritual and socio-economic transformation.

MOUCECORE was created in June 1993, and legally registered as a non-profit association in January 1994. The idea of starting this interdenominational organization developed in the mind of Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo. MOUCECORE is a Rwandan Christian organization which aids churches in community development.

In every community it enters, MOUCECORE promotes Evangelism, Counselling, reconciliation, sustainable peace and community development. MOUCECORE is an interdenominational organization guided by Christian principles and is open to all of God’s people.


Our Objectives

  • To bring mankind to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and to grow in Him.
  • To rebuild the broken relationships and enhance reconciliation in Rwandese society.
  • To mobilize, organize, and equip the local Churches for its integral mission, thereby bringing about spiritual and socio-economic transformation in the community.




  • Moucecore strategy is based on mobilizing, organizing and empowering the communities to bring about solutions to identified problems. Through participatory evaluation process, community members identify their needs and prioritize them. 

    MOUCECORE develops projects to facilitate communities to address those problems.

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