Agricultural Development

MOUCECORE works with solidarity transformation groups (STGs) to identify malnutrition and a lack of appropriate food sources. When these needs are identified in a community, members of the STGs receive food and livestock training in cooperation with the Gako Organic Farming Institute. Training covers topics related to animal and crop husbandry, banana plantation management, compost and liquid manure preparation and use, appropriate technologies and more.

Through this program, we also teach STG members about environmental protection. By implementing practices such soil and water conservation, tree planting, proper land use, crop rotation and fertilization, community members are able to protect the land so it can continue to serve them well into the future.

Based on the information obtained through this training, participants have grown maize where it was considered impossible to do so, learned to store water during Rwanda’s tropical dry season, and implemented “kitchen gardening” to increase the usable amount of land. All of this leads to advanced longevity and prosperity in the community!