History of Rwanda


In 1994, rwanda suffered the unimaginable... 

One ethnic group, the Hutus (which had been in power for many years), planned and implemented the genocide of another ethnic group, the Tutsis. For 100 days, Tutsis were slaughtered by members of the government army as well as their neighbors. When the killing finally ended, nearly one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus had been murdered.

The process of rebuilding after such tragedy has been difficult for the country. A new government replaced the corrupt one soon after the killings ended. This new government has focused on peace and reconciliation between the people. This has presented a great opportunity for the Church and other Christian organizations to help their communities and show them the love of God. So far, many Rwandans, because of the love and grace of God, have been able to forgive those who did them harm.

MOUCECORE has been instrumental in promoting spiritual transformation and reconciliation, both of which are desperately needed. Many Rwandans not only live in spiritual poverty, but physical poverty as well. The genocide left many widows and orphans and women infected with HIV/AIDS. MOUCECORE has reached out to these groups with the hope of bringing both physical and spiritual transformation.