Our History

in 1994, MOUCECORE was founded...

Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo created the Christian Movement for Evangelism, Counseling and Reconciliation (MOUCECORE) to aid churches in community development. In the wake of the genocide in 1994, MOUCECORE focused its mission on reconciliation, using the Church as a bridge for transforming communities both spiritually and physically.  

Michael Kayitaba became the first executive director in 1994 and led the organization for 18 years, impacting hundreds of communities across Rwanda.  “Be Transformed and Transform Others” served as a foundational pillar of the organization, promoting peace and healing while empowering communities through initiatives such as agriculture, livelihoods, water, HIV care and others. In 2009, Claudette Uwimana joined the organization to serve as head of programs, and was subsequently promoted to executive director when Michael retired in 2012 to become chairman of the board.  

MOUCECORE continues to expand its programs across Rwanda. While Rwanda has made incredible progress in the two decades since the genocide, there is still healing that needs to take place and many communities still struggle to meet basic needs. We won’t stop until the work is finished.