It’s hard to imagine life without water. It’s intertwined with our existence every single day. Dominah and her children’s lives were changed forever when they received access to clean water for the first time.

Dominah is a single mother of four. Her husband died 10 years ago, and she works hard to make sure her kids are fed. But for the longest time, there was one worry she was helpless against: getting clean water.

The nearest water point was far away, down a steep hillside path. Because the journey took so long, there was no time to fetch water in the morning; instead, the kids would have to go after school. The walk was incredibly difficult (think of an expert-level hike…then add a few gallons of water), and as the children grew tired, they’d drink some of the water they had fetched.

This was problematic because the water they worked so hard to get was contaminated and made them sick, so they ended up in the hospital multiple times each month. And even when everyone was healthy, the water often wouldn’t last through the next morning, which meant Dominah and her children went to work and school thirsty. 

Now, we are thrilled to report that, through our partnership with many local community members, Dominah, her children, and 900 of her neighbors don’t have to make that walk. They now have access to safe, clean water in their community!

Erin Todd