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Exploratory testing uses the tester’s expertise, but it doesn’t follow any scripts for reference. A test case is a step-by-step technique for testing an application, while a test script is a collection of instructions for automatically testing an application. There is a clear distinction between testers and developers with this strategy. The tester defines the test using keywords rather than the underlying code in data-driven scripting.

definition of scripted testing

As a result, the importance of Quality Assurance for software and app development businesses has never been higher. Because the tests are documented, they can be easily understood and repeated when necessary without additional test analysis or design effort. Because the test cases can be traced back to their respective requirements, design, and code, coverage can be clearly defined and measured. Schedule – Defines the important key milestones and dates in the testing process. Testing tasks – Identifies the tasks necessary to perform the testing.

What are examples of functional software testing?

Both exploratory and scripted testing techniques have pros and cons, but testers can use both techniques for a more comprehensive approach. Testers can harness the advantages of both these methods to assure the quality of work before its release in the market. As you scale your testing efforts, you may find it increasingly difficult to track your growing list of test cases, as well as the defects that are identified through your testing efforts. You may also face challenges managing the tests you are running at different layers of your application — including API and UI-level tests. A test management tool, like QAComplete, provides the real-time insights into your testing state through built-in traceability across requirements, tests, and defects. A test management tool enables you to manage a complex testing process by getting full visibility into changes and their impact with versioning.

Often, customers care more about their experience than the price. When you build user-centric, reliable software that offers value for your audience, you help foster trust and reliability to keep your audience returning for more. Both manual and automated scripts exist to exercise the test case.

Exploratory Testing is widely used in Agile models and is all about discovery, investigation, and learning. It emphasizes personal freedom and responsibility definition of scripted testing of the individual tester. Scripted testing follows a process, but not much experimentation or creative testing goes into the process.

definition of scripted testing

That choice is left to you as a tester, or to your organization. But, the standard requires that if you choose to write a test plan, test case specification, etc., that document must follow the IEEE 829 standard. Today’s engineering teams rely on an ecosystem of tools, APIs, and integrations. You’ll want a partner that offers an API and pre-built software testing integrations to match the tools you use for test management, CI/CD, automated testing, issue management, and more. Smoke Testing – Smoke testing is a type of functional software testing that takes short passes through product elements that are expected to work as intended. A failed smoke test offers a red flag for potential build problems.

What is Functional Software Testing

For instance, a test case might require several scripts to test the scenario in different test environments. Test cases designed by any individual can be used by other team members, too. A line-by-line description of the system transactions that should be conducted to verify the application or system under test is referred to as a test script. It does not, however, imply that you must create your test scripts in Java, which is a challenging language to master. Instead, use a simpler language like JavaScript or Ruby to construct your test scripts .

Is cognitively structured as compared to the procedural structure of scripted testing. This structure comes from Charter, time boxing etc. If the test script is prepared, It leaves a lot less room for error during the testing process.

What Does Test Script Mean?

When people speak about test scripts, they’re generally referring to a line-by-line description of all the activities and data required to run a test. A script usually contains steps that attempt to thoroughly define how to use the software — which buttons to hit and in what sequence — to perform a certain activity. These scripts also specify the intended outcomes for each step, such as seeing a change in the user interface. “Click the ‘X’ button,” for example, with “The window closes” as a sample consequence. Bach uses the term sessions to mimic that of someone recording in a recording studio in sessions. There is a time definition for each session–some say it could last a mere 20 minutes while the other extreme can provide for sessions lasting hours.

  • A test management tool, like QAComplete, provides the real-time insights into your testing state through built-in traceability across requirements, tests, and defects.
  • Imagine users have left several negative app store reviews of your workplace productivity app.
  • The desired result of session based testing is to deliver on the parameters of the test charters but allow for those charters to evolve as the tester moves through their process.
  • Quick overview of three different options that exploratory testers offer to help keep testers ‘on task’ while still allowing the chance to run after areas that look like they need attention.
  • Ideally, you want a functional software testing partnership to augment your in-house QA and QE team.
  • For comprehensive testing of an application, the combination of exploratory testing and scripted testing should be used.

Will the requirements really be complete, consistent, unambiguous, and stable enough as the foundation for scripted testing? Because the tests are created early in the development process, this may free up additional time during the critical test execution period. Staffing and training needs – Specifies the number and types of people required to perform the testing, including the skills needed.

This Test Script tutorial will teach you how to

Since test scenarios offer little information about how to complete the testing, they offer the maximum amount of flexibility to the tester responsible for them. At a minimum, look for a functional QA and QE testing service to conduct your smoke testing, scripted testing, exploratory testing, plus test automation management. Well, functional testing ensures better digital experiences.

This can also be called a test case, although the term “test script” implies that the tool is written in an actual coding language, rather than as a plain text set of instructions. Why integrating with test management tools and issue trackers like Jira, GitHub, Asana, Trello, Azure, Shortcut, and Pivotal Tracker is critical. You should be able to think outside the box to anticipate all of the possible pathways that consumers could take when using a system or program. Specify where the “Username” and “Password” fields on the login screen should be found by the automation tool. Let’s suppose we’re going to go by their CSS element IDs.

definition of scripted testing

This, in turn, leads to more favorable app store ratings and reviews. Like many algorithms, the quality and volume of app store reviews impact how your app ranks in the app store positioning hierarchy. Online users tend to click on what’s above the fold. Apply some of these techniques and expect fewer bugs sneaking into production and a better overall customer experience. Testing every functional combination of a web or mobile app is challenging and often unrealistic for most in-house QA teams.

They may note down ideas about what to test before test execution. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a “thinking” activity. These skills will be deployed more effectively in the exploratory style on an Agile team, as this style is more consistent with an Agile approach than the “scripted testing” style.


Therefore, understanding the difference between functional and non-functional testing is crucial. While both constitute a vital part of the application evaluation process, they serve distinct purposes. If the tester need to constantly ask the project in-charge person to give details about the application. This method is easier than writing a complete test script from scratch because you already have the complete code. It is mostly used in a simplified programming language such as VBScript. Test items – Identifies the items and features to be tested by this test case.

Today we take a different view of scripted testing. Any development methodology along the spectrum from Waterfall to Rapid Application Development may use scripted testing. Whenever repeatability, objectivity, and auditability are important, scripted testing can be used. Accelerated product and revenue growth via seamless transactions is the name of the game for many web and mobile app products. Efficient functional testing leads to more successful transactions and higher conversion rates.

When Should You Use a Test Script?

Features to be tested – Identifies the characteristics of the items to be tested. These include functionality, performance, security, portability, usability, etc. Test plan identifier – A unique identifier so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents. The use of these documents significantly increases the manageability of testing. Increased manageability results from the greatly increased visibility of each phase of the testing process.”

What Is Exploratory Testing?

The testers can write scripts in a number of programming and scripting languages. There are a few drawbacks to consider before going all-in with detailed scripts. Active software projects change often — pages get redesigned, user experience changes, and new functionality is added. To be effective over time, testers have to make a continuous effort to update the scripts to match the new product. Another drawback is that scripted tests are often designed to test one specific thing repeatedly, using the same steps and the same data each time the test is executed. This means that if there are bugs that lie outside the directions given in the test script, they will not be found unless the tester strays from the script.

Create some test scenarios and unleash your best testers to flesh them out. All of these forms of documentation may provide value, given a clear understanding of their benefits and their limitations. However, as a tester, you will eventually need to learn how to create basic scripts in addition to record/playback. Even though your application is created in Java, you have the option of choosing your programming language.

This world has a bit of a Wild West feel to it, much like the practice itself. No or less documentation is involved in exploratory testing for reference. Test log identifier – A unique identifier so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents. Test items – Identifies the software items that are to be tested.

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