Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Through various technologies, the three areas of WASH – water, sanitation and hygiene – work together to strengthen one another and maximize health impact at the community level. To ensure WASH interventions reach the greatest number of people, MOUCECORE mobilizes and trains solidarity transformation groups (STGs), along with health and community trainers, to increase access to safe water and sanitation services, and improve hygiene practices.

Some of the methods we use include training STG members on water filtering techniques and water source management; distributing manuals on proper hygiene habits; and encouraging hand-washing with soap to decrease the rate of waterborne diseases.

With safe and healthy habits in place, we help communities obtain the materials they need to construct pit latrines, public toilets and structures to harvest rainwater. We also train local masons to construct and maintain these access points to ensure their longevity. As with all of our projects, the involvement of STGs and ownership of local community members is what leads to the sustainability of these projects.  


Safe Water Access

Up to 80% of disease in rural communities is water-related, and women and children may walk several hours a day to collect water. In Rwanda, where the landscape is mountainous, most water sources are in the valleys, requiring steep climbs to collect water. At MOUCECORE, we use appropriate technologies such as piped water systems and rain catchment to provide safe water access at central points within communities, homes and schools.  


Hygiene & Sanitation Behavior

Dollar for dollar, empowering positive habits like hand-washing and using latrines has a greater health impact than any other intervention, even including drinking safe water. That's why at MOUCECORE, we work closely with communities to identify and train future trainers who will take charge of community-led total sanitation efforts that promote behavior change at the household level. 


Latrine access

Without proper sanitation facilities, waste can contaminate a community's land and water, and contribute to the spread of many diseases and illnesses. MOUCECORE partners with local communities to determine the best sanitation solution based on geography, function, preference, etc. Once a solution is selected, we work to mobilize and train community members to construct and maintain public and household latrines.