Where We Work

MOUCECORE partners with churches, local government entities, schools and community health promoters in rural areas of Rwanda to bring sustainable transformation by mobilizing and organizing the local communities.


Nyamagabe District, Rwanda

Nyamagabe district is the poorest district in Rwanda. With a total population of ## people, %% are without access to safe water and %% don’t have access to sanitation. We are mobilizing and training communities while partnering with the local government to address these issues. Since initiating work in Nyamagabe in 2012, we have reached 6,800 people with access to safe water and mobilized 900 households in hygiene and sanitation.



In Kayonza district we are focused on improving agricultural practices and child protection. Using our model of solidarity transformation groups (STGs), we have worked with over 7,600 people organized into 189 STGs. By transforming mindsets, we empower these communities to take advantage of good growing conditions and other opportunities to improve their food security and livelihoods. Combining this with programs that address the rights of children, families in Kayonza are able to better care for their children, meet their basic needs, and ensure their future education.  



The urban district of Kircukiro has high rates of unemployment. We are working to mobilize and empower women and youth with entrepreneurial skills and helping them establish small business to support themselves and their families.